River of Time© Underneath the old railway bridge Of rusted steel and concrete; Basking in the sun, The Sabie river runs. Constant in its grace, Today it moves at snail's pace. The water gleams silver in the sun, And golden brown in the shaded deeps As it glides underneath the overhanging trees.  ... Continue Reading →

The Penguin.©

I am an Emperor Penguin, Suited in black and white. I’m trekking many miles Across the Antarctic Ice. My journey will take me to a colony Of others just like me, Where I will procure a mate to procreate, And she’ll produce ONE precious egg. I will incubate my offspring, My ‘Empress’ will hunt for... Continue Reading →

Art Without Forethought.

I have been painting for many years and have just about painted everything using most mediums in a number of different styles from realistic to abstract. I love to experiment. The paintings here were a study with inks and the challenge was to paint without any set-up, planning or pre-drawing - no pencil or eraser was... Continue Reading →

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