Sweet Mother of Mine.©

  Sweet Mother of Mine. © Sweet Mother of mine, your length of days has passed. Your spirit is free – finally released    into the hands of God. Your absence has left an emptiness.   Your sprinkles of sweetness are no longer here to enrich. Your rare conversation echoes and most memories give me no... Continue Reading →

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Macro Flower Photography (1)

  I am a flower fanatic and never miss an opportunity to photograph a flower - I have taken hundreds of pics of flowers and no doubt, will take hundreds more. Macro flowers require a little more focusing and concentration, but I find, determination overcomes all the obstacles associated with macro photography. The Glory Bower,... Continue Reading →

Abstract Nature Photography (1)

I am a keen photographer and enjoy photographing nature from unusual angles.  To get pics like this, I usually go into my garden in the late afternoon when the shadows are long. Big-leafed shrubs usually have the best shadows and the colours are accentuated with the play of light, resulting in some really abstract pictures.... Continue Reading →

My First Sculpture

  This is 'Charlie', my first sculpture.  I have worked in all sorts of mediums and have been looking for something new to try.  I was given a chunk of clay as a gift which I stored at the back of my art cupboard.  While rummaging through my art materials, I discovered the clay and... Continue Reading →

For the love of butterflies!

Who does not love a butterfly? They are the most phenomenal, delicate creatures that inhabit this amazing world.  I imagine them as spirited, four-petaled, colourful flowers that add ebullience to any garden.  Butterflies complement their habitats in a wonderful way. As soon as I spot a butterfly, I grab my camera and spend a good while chasing it!... Continue Reading →

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