My First Sculpture

This is 'Charlie', my first sculpture.  I have worked in all sorts of mediums and have been looking for something new to try.  I was given a chunk of clay as a gift which I stored at the back of my art cupboard.  While rummaging through my art materials, I discovered the clay and immediately... Continue Reading →


For the love of butterflies!

Who does not love a butterfly? They are the most phenomenal, delicate creatures that inhabit this amazing world.  I imagine them as spirited, four-petaled colourful flowers that add ebullience to any garden.  Butterflies complement their habitats in a wonderful way. As soon as I spot a butterfly, I grab my camera and spend a good while chasing it!... Continue Reading →

Upon the Silver Pond.©

Beneath the vast empyrean, As the sun diffuses warmth through lacy trees, I gaze at the watery spectacle before me, The surface overlaid with lilies and leaves. It’s seemingly quiet upon the silver pond, But a spirited energy I perceive. I stroll around the perimeter, Better to view the Nymphaea in their splendour— Blooms the size... Continue Reading →

Using blue in art (and poetry).

Using blue in a painting (other than in those paintings where it is considered natural, i.e. water, sky etc.), generally promotes feelings of depression, addiction, sadness, mystery and the darker side of life. One of my favourite artists who went through a ‘blue period’ was Picasso from 1901 to 1906.  All of his works during... Continue Reading →


    Insomnia© The sun has bowed out and the moon is poised, In the dead of night, there is scarcely any noise; Dark and misty, the clouds just an outline, Vague twinkling points in the hazy moonshine. A few eager bright stars show their position, Or else they'll be lost in the dusty cosmos.... Continue Reading →

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