The Illustrious Orchid.©


I love painting nature and although I love all flowers, I have to admit that there is nothing quite like an orchid!  The above painting is done in oils on canvas.

This orchid is known as Phalaenopsis Blume, commonly called the moth orchid, as the flower has a moth-like appearance.  It is known as Phal in the horticultural trade and there are about 60 species.  The name Phalaenopsis originates from the Greek word, ‘phalaina’, which translates to ‘moth’ and ‘opsis’ which means ‘appearance’.

Beneath are photos of the orchids in my garden.  These are smaller orchids and in spring large bunches of them hang from my custard apple tree.  They are such a sight to behold that I penned a poem to them.

Orchids in tree - Copy

The Illustrious Orchid.©

Petite, endearing orchid;

Floral treasure of spring,

To my pleasure,

At the closure of a dusty winter

You burst into being.

Just on time, and never a day too soon;

Your eloquence is captivating,

You infiltrate the gloom.


Illustrious orchid, harbinger of spring,

Your spectacular beauty sings!

A tonic to my eyes, a spiritual lift

Is your communication to me.

Your deep “purple Lake” eyes

Seem to utter, “Surprise!”


Your fibrous twisted roots

Clutch the bark of the leafless Guava.

Your flexible stems are heavy with shoots,

And teardrop buds cascade like strings of pearls

As they prepare to burst into bloom.


God’s flower spirit exists within you,

So enchanting, so polite;

A hundred of you – purple and white,

Are perfectly alike!

Your shape and colours are a lure

For the bees and birds

Once they have you in their sights.


The tall, elegant irises of white and blue

Conspire with you;

Their style complements your beauty

As they grace your purlieu

And cheerfully applaud you,

Just as I do! ❤

Orchid in blue water - Copy - Copy

©Copyright. Caroline Street.  Art, Poetry & Photography.

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