Portraits Depicting the Seasons.

I love the seasons, spring for obvious reasons being my favourite. At the onset spring, I always find myself painting something relating to flowers. When I started these paintings, spring came first and then the other three followed.

Seasons.Sun-sational Summer.Small

Each painting depicts a young girl (as they are the most beautiful). Each one is appropriately dressed for the season and each holds a symbolic seasonal item. The colours, fashion and hairstyles are seasonal.

What is striking about the art is the eyes of the girls – big beautiful eyes symbolic of the season.

Seasons.Autumn Breeze - Copy

The emotions I felt when painting ‘Seasons’ was the innocence of spring, everything is fresh and new after the rebirth of flowers and plants. The spring girl looks in awe at the flower in her hand. The summer girl is sizzling hot and oozes energy. A winding down of the summer heat and the season turns into autumn – gentle, breezy and calm. Winter is austere and a time for rest, bringing a whole new beauty with it.

Seasons. Winter Wonder - Small


©Copyright.  Caroline Street. Portraits of Seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Art in mixed-media on paper.

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