Art Without Forethought.

I have been painting for many years, and have just about painted everything using most mediums in a number of different styles from realistic to abstract. I love to experiment.

Bohemian Flowers in Red.Small

The paintings here are a study with inks, and the challenge was to paint without any set-up, planning or drawing guide – no pencil or eraser was allowed.  The only fact I was certain of is that I was going to paint still-life using pure imagination. I enjoyed the spontaneity of it all.  It is exciting to load a brush with paint and just start painting.

I was forced to think on the spot, and even though there were mistakes while painting the outline or filling in with colour, I just had to make the best of it – there was no starting over again. Compromisation was key.

Roses in a Blue Vase. Small

Another challenge was painting quickly.  Inks are similar to watercolour, and working wet-in-wet with this kind of medium is necessary.

I discovered a love for unusual flower vases while creating these pictures, and would love to collect and display them, however as this is not affordable for me, I will have to be happy just designing my own vases (on paper)!

Flame Lily in Goldfish Vase.Small

To those artists who do attempt this quick art,  I just want to say, it is fun, rewarding and takes you out of the comfort zone. See what you can do!

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