River of Time©

Underneath the old railway bridge

Of rusted steel and concrete;

Basking in the sun,

The Sabie river runs.

Constant in its grace,

Today it moves at snail’s pace.

The water gleams silver in the sun,

And golden brown in the shaded deeps

As it glides underneath the overhanging trees.


The river is home to the pod of hippo

And a haven for the Nile crocodile.

It is flanked by long sweet grass –

(A gift from the summer rains)

Which cools the sleeping buffaloes.


The occasional snort of the hippos,

And the echo of the sun beetles

Is all that can be heard.

From time to time, a giraffe, zebra

Or a group of Impala can be seen

Moving slowly in the distance,

Grazing on the abundance of greens.


The savanna is dense with shrubs and trees;

The treetops perfect for roosting birds,

Whose sweet melodies mingle with

The sound of the breeze

Rustling through the grass.


A lazy afternoon is spent intent,

On the quiet splendour of nature.

The afternoon, warm as it moves to dusk;

Preparations in place for the twinkling stars

Still bottled in jars.


This ecosystem; so diverse,

Supports all of its creatures from

The dung beetle to the lumbering elephant.

A poet and artist’s inspiration;

To feel, to see, to love, to live.❤


©Copyright. Caroline Street.  Art- ‘A View from Skukuza’ (Sabie River in the Kruger National Park). Oil on canvas.

© Copyright. Caroline Street. Poetry – ‘River of Time’.


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‘Take a Walk with Me’.

Wherever my spirit leads me.



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