Royal the Rooster, has a makeover.

010 - Copy

This is Royal the Rooster.  I bought him at a roadside stall. He weighs about 5kg and is well carved out of a solid piece of wood. The base was not enough to withstand his weight and he would fall over unless I placed a large stone at the back of him for balance. Then someone knocked him over and his leg and beak broke. The beetles also did some damage. I decided to give him a ‘makeover’ before any further damage was done.

016 - Copy

I had a new base put on; mended the beak using sandpaper and fixed the leg using wood filler and wrapped that in bandage until it set. I treated the insects with insecticide and filled the holes.  I cleaned and smoothed the wood with sandpaper. Finally, I painted him in a range of bright oil colours and painted his comb and wattle gold. He has emerged as a thoroughly handsome Rooster with a well-deserved name.  I have moved him to a safe, high counter out of dangers way where he observes life at his leisure.  He rules the roost!

017 - Copy


A hen-roost is manifestly the most perfect monarchical state. No king can compare to a cock. It is not by vanity that he walks proudly in the midst of his people. If the enemy approaches he does not order his subjects to get themselves killed for him by virtue of his sure knowledge and absolute power: he advances himself, keeps his hens behind him, and fights to the death. If he is the victor it is he who sings the Te Deum. In private life, there is nothing so courteous, so upright, so disinterested. He has all the virtues. If he has a grain of wheat or a worm in his royal beak, he gives it to the first of his subjects who presents herself.  In short, Solomon in his harem did not compare to a farmyard cock”.  Voltaire.  


rooster 002 - Copy
Above is a pic of Royal before his makeover.  He was just a plain, white Rooster. 



©Copyright.  Royal the Rooster painted by Caroline Street.


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