The sun has bowed out and the moon is poised,

In the dead of night, there is scarcely any noise;

Dark and misty, the clouds just an outline,

Vague twinkling points in the hazy moonshine.

A few eager bright stars show their position,

Or else they’ll be lost in the dusty cosmos.


Sleep is evasive for the insomniac

As the sounds of nature are magnified;

The hoot of an eagle owl,

Frogs croaking in shining black pools,

In the distance a lonely dog howls.

A thud, a bump, the scrape of twigs on glass;

Are those footsteps on the stone path!

Those creaking old roof timbers

And the scurrying scratching of a rat,

Sure gives one the shivers;

Upsets the karma, the nerves a jitter!


Despite the trickery of the mind,

And after another cup of tea;

Another chapter of a book to kill time,

The corridors of sleep are still elusive.

The subconscious held captive,

By continuous invasive thought.


Speculation and introspection;

Regrets for something done

And echoes of words left unsaid.

Bombarding images of life and inspiration;

Conviction and contemplation.

Sleep is now way behind schedule

For the weary intellect;


However, insomnia cannot mar the day,

Which ushers in a sense of security.

The exaggerated thoughts of midnight fade;

Negatives develop into positives

And fears are obscure in the bright of day.

In the battle of dark and light;

Light undoubtedly has its way! ❤


Sun Rays Small
Sun Rays. Oil on canvas.


©Copyright. Art and Poetry by Caroline Street.



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