Upon the Silver Pond.©

Beneath the vast empyrean,
As the sun diffuses warmth through lacy trees
I gaze at the watery spectacle before me,
The surface overlaid with lilies and leaves.
It’s seemingly quiet upon the silver pond
But a spirited energy I perceive.

Water Lily Silve Pond - Copy

I stroll around the perimeter,
Better to view the Nymphaea in their splendour—
Blooms the size of generous bowls
Politely displayed upon the water.

Water Lily Silver Buds - Copy

Young lilies in stages of efflorescence
Are eager to flaunt their charms,
Their buds are enfolded in curving sepals,
Still partly concealed in the depths of the pond.


Huge silver leaves float gently;
Laid out like plates at a banquet,
Inviting eager nature seekers
To partake in the enchanting feast.

Water Lily Leaves plates - Copy

I hear a plop here and there—
A fish perhaps gulping down
A treat of floating algae?
The atmosphere is humid and vibrant,
With a host of gnats and beetles
And the charming hums of bees.


Each flower attracts its share of insects;
Eagerly they drink the sweet nectars
From the tips of pointy stamens,
Or collect pollen from the blooms.
The feeding frenzy is never done,
Yet the harvest is sufficient for everyone.

Water Lily with fly - Copy

Passersby naturally stop to admire
The life upon the silver pond;
They receive a charming welcome
From the hovering red dragonflies,
Who coerce them to stay awhile,
With a fine perception that
The visitor’s appreciation will be realised.

Dragonfly Red - Copy

©Caroline Street.  ‘Upon the Silver Pond’.

©Caroline Street. Photography.  My Photography.


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