My First Sculpture


This is ‘Charlie’, my first sculpture.  I have worked in all sorts of mediums and have been looking for something new to try.  I was given a chunk of clay as a gift which I stored at the back of my art cupboard.  While rummaging through my art materials, I discovered the clay and immediately opened it.  I knew that once it was open, I would have to use immediately, otherwise, it would harden and I would have to discard it.

I sat down without further ado and began to work the clay.  As I was moulding the clay into ‘a something’, images of characters I have read about and seen came to mind.  Well, Charlie emerged and he does look like an older version of someone I know, however, the image of a boxer with a cap also emerged in my thoughts.  This would be an old boxer who became a trainer – one of those old trainers who are there no matter what: training, coercing and moulding young talent.

Sculpture of old man.jpg

I was tempted to work the clay a little more, but decided to leave it as it is – I think all the marks, dents, lines etc., add to the character, including the cauliflower ears.  I painted the cap red to add interest.

I am wondering if sculpting is something I should pursue?


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