I awoke to another quotidian morn

To the silence of dawn,

With just the chirp of a bulbul,

Bringing to mind blessings I oft forget.

I sent up my prayers of thanks

And rose out of bed.


I put the water on to boil,

Looking forward to my brew,

Just then I heard the song –

‘Think-of-it!’, coming from

The robin with olive and orange hues.


Perched on a wintered branch was he,

In the old Frangipani tree.

I admired him through the pane of glass,

Whilst he whistled his sweet melody.


He called attention to the beautiful day

As he sang to all of nature;

Proclaiming spring and the work ahead –

The pruning, dividing, planting,

And mulching of the flower beds.


He sang to the flora to prepare for bloom,

Every root, bud, and leaf –

To raise from winter those asleep,

To engage in the coming of spring.


He flew away into the rising day,

No doubt, to build his nest.

Now, it is up to you precious spring –

Arouse Earth from its rest!


©Caroline Street. Poetry. ‘Think-on-it!’

©Caroline Street. Photography. Heuglin’s Robin.

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Upon the Silver Pond.©


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