The same painting, but two different results.

I enjoy experimenting with art. Above and beneath you can two entirely different results of the same scene.

The first painting (above) is created using organic material and paint.  I loved the result of this, however, it did pose a problem when the organic matter decayed, so I removed the leaves, which left an interesting impression.  I then printed fresh leaves on the paper using a few different colours.

Love Doves (2) Small

I was aiming for a contemporary, whimsical scene.  The colours I chose contrast well, and although the doves only occupy a small part of the painting, one can get an idea of the lush tree they occupy.

The two doves in the painting perch on the same branch every evening and they sleep there until dawn.  When it rains, they huddle together in the same spot for protection.  In the afternoons I often watch them sit together, content in their companionship.


A sweeter love does not exist,
Except that of the wooing doves.
Side by side, the twain does sit,
Cosy in the leafy boughs.
Serene in such companionship
As if only the two of them exist.   
Their sweet souls united 
And encircled in eternal love.
- Caroline Street. 

Copyright © Caroline Street. Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.

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