Abstract Nature Photography

I am a keen amateur photographer, and enjoy photographing nature from unusual angles.  To get pics like this, I usually go into my garden in the late afternoon when the shadows are long.

Abstract Nature (1)
Big-leafed shrubs usually have the best shadows, and the colours are accentuated with the play of light, resulting in some really abstract pictures.
Abstract Nature 2 - Copy
There is nothing in nature photography quite like the rising sun coming through the leaves, enhancing the colors of the greens.
The patterns of shadow and light in the images above are superb.
Abstract Nature 3
Elephant ears, with their repetitive patterns, are unique in their shapes and colours.
"The gentle sun-rays awaken the day, 
Its warmth spreads every way. 
Kaleidoscope patterns dance about
On sun-touched branches and leaves. 
Under the shrubs, purple shadows weave in and out;
This colour play is what my eye perceives."

~ Caroline Street. Excerpt from "My Piece of Paradise".

©Copyright © Caroline Street. Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.

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