Macro Flower Photography

I am a flower fanatic and never miss an opportunity to photograph a flower. I have taken hundreds of pics of flowers and no doubt, will take hundreds more. Macro flowers require a little more focusing and concentration, but determination overcomes all the obstacles associated with macro photography.

Macro Flower 3

The Glory Bower, above left and right, make great macro subjects.  These little flowers are just a few millimetres in size, and the macro brings out the exquisite detail.  They have a waxy substance and look as if they have been cut out with sharp scissors.  The ruffed Petunia in the middle is accentuated with varying degrees of light and shadow.

Macro Flower 1 - Copy

(Left) Silk Floss flowers – note the beautiful pink and long tendrils, (centre) Passionflower, (top right) Iris, (right below) white Water Lily.

Macro Flower 2 - Copy

(Top row) Pentas, Orchid, Desert Rose.  (Middle row) Cactus flower, Barberton Daisy, Roses. (Third Row) Magnolia, African Daisy, Croton efflorescence.

Macro Flower 4 - Copy

(Left) Lobelia.  This flower has an unusual blue. (Right) Calathea Zebrina, also known as a Zebra Plant.  I believe it is also called a Rattlesnake plant, and judging by the coils in the centre it does look like a curled up snake.  These flowers grow out of the ground and not off the plant.  If you are not looking for the flowers, you will miss them.  One has to get down, underneath the leaves, to see the flowers.

Roses with aphids - Copy

This is what you discover with macro photography.  I only noticed the aphids on these roses when I downloaded the pic onto my computer.  I was surprised as the flowers looked healthy. If you are growing roses, it is a good idea to check them regularly.

Gazania Old vs New - Copy.jpg

The Gazania is a striking flower. The stripes on the petals give the flower a vibrancy like no other.  Even when the flower is still in the opening stages, they are great to photograph.

BeFunky Collage

Notice the bee, laden with pollen on the Silk Floss flower. When I took this pic, I was standing under the tree, which was covered with the most beautiful flowers.  The bees were having a royal feast!  The Bulbine (centre) is a succulent herb, and the juice of its leaves are great to rub on insect bites.  The last pic is an abstract of a Petunia.

Coral Berry Macro - Copy

Here we have a Coral flower.  This flower looks like alien fingers and has a striking red/orange hue.  The photographed flower must be about ten times bigger than the flower itself.

Macro Flowers 6

Hibiscus, Jade, Clivia.

"The orchids, clivias, lilies, magnolia, and jade,

Have all had their time to bloom.

Their flowers of white, orange, and green

Have begun to fade, the gardenia too,

With its delicate perfume.
~Caroline Street. My Piece of Paradise. 

I leave you with this thought…

Frangipani with saying copy - Copy

Copyright ©Caroline Street. Art, Poetry and Photography.

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  1. Your beautiful images made me think of Georgia O’Keefe’s quote “When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.” Thank you for sharing such a unique view of the a flower’s beauty.

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