Sweet Mother of Mine.©


Sweet Mother of Mine. ©

Sweet Mother of mine,

your length of days has passed.

Your spirit is free – finally released   

into the hands of God.

Your absence has left an emptiness.  

Your sprinkles of sweetness

are no longer here to enrich.

Your rare conversation echoes

and most memories give me no peace.  

You did not judge. You were not harsh.   

Yet, unbeknownst to you,

your silence spoke. Come what may,

forgiveness you taught -

a lesson which often pervades my thoughts.

You secretly knew your days were few,

Yet, you continued in the only way you knew.

Your suffering I could not bear.

I watched you wither from day to day

until Jesus stepped in and whisked you away.

I gaze at the old black and white image

of you in happier, carefree days.  

I love your vivacity and beautiful smile 

and prefer to remember you this way.  

Sweet mother of mine,

There will come a time

when we will meet again.

All that is good will blend

into something sublime,  

something that will never end.

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