Death of a Child.


A child is a remarkable blessing,
Surpassing all the treasures on Earth,
Who brings forth indescribable happiness
From the moment of inception to incredible birth.
The little being who adds significance
To our existence on Earth.

An astounding miniature of human form,
With wispy hair and downy skin,
Tiny fingers that reach out for warmth.
Bright new eyes that seek spiritual connection
And noisy pleas that demand attention.

A child’s grasping hugs require reciprocation.
The vision of them captivates a mother's eyes,
Compelling a need within to protect them;
Their chuckles effect a million smiles.

The frailty and innocence of a child
Is often the catalyst for a traumatic event,
Which can sadly lead to an untimely death.
When a child is called to Heaven,
The heart is permanently broken.

Thankfully, every cloud has a silver lining,
And as the passing of time is healing
The gentle wave of acceptance
Will raise the spirits of a tender heart again,
As assuredly as the sun rises each day
And the stars shimmer in the Milky Way.

Reflecting on the spectacle of nature
Will harmonise and edify the soul:
A raindrop as it reflects prisms of light,
A magnificent rainbow after a storm,
The halo around the moon on a dark night.

Just so, the unique spirit of a child
Exists and is discernible in a similar way;
Instead of tears this will inspire a smile,
Reviving fond memories of days gone by.
And so a child's particular essence remains
In the heart of the bereaved from day to day. ❤
~ Caroline Street. 

Copyright © Caroline Street. Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.

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