Creating art in a moving vehicle.

Like many other artists, I do not like been taken away from my studio, just in case I am inspired to do something – and that something would have to be done now!  So when I have to go visiting, which I do enjoy, I try to combine art and the trip.

Flower Design.Small
Flower Design

I find travelling eats into precious time and time is precious, so lately I have taken to drawing in the vehicle and before I know it, I have reached my destination!!  It’s amazing how time flies!

African Village.Small
African Village (Can you find the broom?)

Sometimes I find old discarded art in my drawing book, and I just recycle it, as you can see in the above pic.  For some reason, road trips really get my creative juices flowing.

Art on my Mind.Large - Copy.JPG
Art on my Mind

My favorite medium on road trips is coloured pens, for obvious reasons.  No mess, no fuss. I work on A4 size paper, as this size fits on my lap and is easier to control.

Bird on a Rose.Large
Bird on a Rose

Drawings that have lots of detail, like flowers, and that need a steadier hand in the coloring process, I will continue once I have found a desk to work on.

Punjabi.Small Copy.JPG

This pic I drew and colored in its entirety in the car and it came out okay.  Drawing straight lines is occasionally possible, so I just have to accept the shaky lines, and the image takes on a character of its own.

As I look down when drawing and really get involved in the creative process, I always tell the driver to warn me when we are about to hit a pothole in the road as this would definitely spoil my image!  A WORD OF CAUTION:  Do not try this if you suffer from motion sickness.


Getting ready for a road trip, drawing paraphernalia tied with string – ready to go! Always place this little bundle within arms reach.  You don’t want to have to climb seats to get into the depths of the car boot.

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