The New Earth


A fantasy has not been told,
but truth which must be extolled.
The true account of eternal life and death,
as revealed by Christ in Heaven
to the apostle John in a vision,
who set the prophecy down on parchment,
known as the unquestionable Revelation.

The day draws near when every eye
will see the birth of the New Earth.
The Holy City, New Jerusalem:
divine, brilliant, sovereign.
Believers will be struck with awe;
scorners - frozen to the core.

New Earth will supersede the old.
A vast, transparent, golden, domicile*
with walls of jasper reaching into the sky. 
Its width and length equally long and wide.

Angelic beings will occupy a place
at each of the twelve, pearl encrusted gates,
upon which will be inscribed
the twelve beloved tribes of Israel.

Twelve jewels: jasper, sapphires,
topaz, and emeralds, to name a few,
will garnish the foundations of the quad.
And carved within this glittering masterpiece,
The names of the beloved apostles of God.

It is here that El-Olam** will live amongst men.
God and the Lamb will illuminate the land
on this moonless, sunless Earth.
No temple will be necessary,
as Father and Son will be worshipped everywhere.

The city will never be shut,
But nothing impure will enter its gates.
Only those who bear His name
have entry into this divine place.
Those who are saved will see His face.

A crystal-clear river; the water of life
will cascade from the great throne of God.
Flanked on either side, the tree of life,
producing monthly, twelve different fruits.
The nations will be healed by its leafy attributes.

In the city of God, there will be no death.
Evil and fear will never affect God’s children again,
and the water of life will see them blessed.
There will be no mourning, crying, or pain,
for He will make all things new again.

Unbelievers who claim
Jesus is not the Son of God,
the abominable, the murderers, idolaters,
practitioners of the dark arts, the liars,
will face the second death
in the everlasting lake of fire.

Time is short, but there is hope for all
if we heed the Saviour’s call.
Seek Him; knock and He will open the door
to a life of forgiveness, grace, and love, forevermore.
*2,200 square km.
**Everlasting God.

~Caroline Street

And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. Rev. 22:12.

Copyright ©  Caroline Street. Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.

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