Water Lily Photography

The water lily is my favourite flower to photograph.  Whenever I visit the local Botanical Garden, I head straight to the water lily pond.  I am never disappointed!

I find that at any time of the day, water lilies photograph well, even when the sun is at its highest, however I have been fortunate enough to photograph the lilies at different times; on cloudy and sunny days. I am seldom disappointed with a photograph.

Water Lily Collage 4 - Copy.jpg

There is so much for a photographer to practice when photographing these lilies.  You can take great pics of water reflections, close-ups and abstracts.

Water Lily Close Up - Copy.jpg

The above pic came out really well.  The intense sun overexposed the water, turning it silver and making the lily transparent, however all the detail and colour of the flower is visible.  I wrote a poem about about this beautiful scene – which is the only way I could explain it. Upon the Silver Pond.©  Have a read – there are more pics to look at too!

Water Lily Collage 5 - Copy.jpg

Above are images of the pond, including groupings of flowers and leaves.  This is a healthy pond as the second pic shows.  The leaves were thick and abundant with young flowers popping up everywhere.  Each little scene is a masterpiece.

These flowers and leaves are great cleaners!  They absorb pollutants, oxygenate water and keep fish healthy.  The decomposing flowers provide food for deer, beavers, muskrat etc.  Rodents love the leaves and rhizomes and ducks eat the seeds!

Water Lily Collage 1 - Copy.jpg

The Water Lily is the National Flower of Bangladesh and the flowers are used in religious ceremonies. Some regard the flowers as feminine spirits that inhabit watery areas.  I just think that they are the most beautiful flowers created by our Creator. I admire them, but all praise goes to Him.

Water Lily with fly - Copy.jpg

One thing I watch out for when photographing water lilies, is the insects.  Bees, flies and dragonflies absolutely love these flowers.  I have seen a handful of bees on more than one flower.  Little bugs and spiders also love them!  Have a look at the third collage – the pic at the end; do you see the spider? 

Waterlily Detail - Copy.jpg

Here is a great close-up of the stamens.  There is something delightfully alien about them! No wonder the bees are so drawn to them.  The nectar must be delicious. I would love to be a bee in this lily pond for a day! 

DSCN5154 - Copy


Beauty, purity, creation, life, love, enlightenment etc.  I suspect that it could mean anything along those lines, and not surprisingly so.

Legawaan at Lily pond - Copy.jpg

Now you are probably wondering what this lizard is doing here?  In South Africa we call this a lekawaan.  He is pretty big.  I get so involved in photographing the lilies that I do not always look where I am walking as I  keep my eyes focused on the flowers…well, yes, I nearly fell over this guy! What surprised me was that he never retaliated by getting defensive or biting me; he was that close!  I retreated hastily.  The lesson I learnt was, look where you are walking, even when you cannot take your eyes off the most beautiful flowers!  

©Copyright. Photography by Caroline Street.

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