From traditional art to digital art.

I have drawn/painted over 500 pieces of traditional art in most genre’s in all sorts of mediums.  I am a bit obsessive in experiencing everything art has to offer, so it was not much of a surprise that I would try digital art, after all, we are living in the age of technology and trying out digital art kind of goes without saying.

So far I have only done five digital drawings/paintings, which I have featured here.  Each one was a different experience which I enjoyed very much. It is not an easy art form to learn and I am still struggling to get it right, but I intend to master it one day.

There is a school of thought that digital art is not real art.  I cannot pass comment on this as I frankly don’t know if this is true or not, however, I think the traditional artist would approach digital art in the same way that they would normally paint or draw.  I personally do not use photographs in my digital art. This is called ‘photo bashing’ and I suspect this gives digital art a bad name, however, I am sure it takes skill to ‘work’ a photograph.  All my drawings/paintings come straight from my brain and my hand and I intend to keep it this way, otherwise my conscience would not accept this form of art.

 Lilac - Copy

The above pic, titled ‘Lilac’ was drawn by myself, and I tried out some textures (which I loved) on the background and dress, but this is not something I would use often as I would prefer to create my own textures.


This is pure drawing from beginning to end with a bit of added colour.  It looks like traditional art, because it actually is and this is what I am aiming for.  I left the errors from the drawing in this artwork as it somehow reminds me that this is a real drawing although it was done on an iPad.

Christian_Symbols_4. - Copy

Another drawing I did.  I actually completed this and then deleted the final work by accident.  I managed save the work from a very poor layer I had left.  I redrew the pic and reworked the colour but could not get the original palette back. It has a very painterly, artsy feel.  What I enjoy with digital art is the luminescence you can create (see the oil lamp and crown) which is not possible in traditional art.

Cosmic_Flowers - Copy

Here I tried a bubble texture for the flowers.  I did no drawing for this except the plant stems, and then just added textures.  Not really my kind of art. I was just playing around and will possibly never create another piece of art like it.  It was too easy and all I had to do was conjure the picture up and find the right textures.

The roses in the featured image are hand drawn.  I colored the roses using a digital paintbrush, but one with which I could create my own textures. I enjoyed this work as it was almost like doing it on a real canvas, and in future this is the kind of art I aim to do – a traditional type of art where I have control of the line and brush. 

The advantages of digital art: –

  • you can take an iPad anywhere and you do not need to cart a lot of art materials with you
  • there is a wide range of new and exciting colors and brushes/pencils etc., to experiment with
  • if you are looking for something new to fuel the imagination, digital art will do that
  • look upon digital art as a new medium
  • if you are planning traditional art, you could do your prep work digitally, i.e. drawing, balance, colour, elements etc.. This can be used as a guideline for your  traditional art piece.
  • practicing drawing digitally is great as you do not require paper and deletion and restart is quick and easy

I do salute all those digital artists out there.  They create some incredible genuine art.  I only speak from a very small point of view, but hopefully in the future I can learn enough to create something as beautiful as they do. 


©Art by Caroline Street. 1) Blue Abstract Roses 2)Lilac 3)Disconnected 4)Christian Symbols 5)Cosmic Flowers.

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  1. It’s art but maybe “easier” art with digital textures? I like all of your experiments (except the last). The one of Christian symbols is my personal favorite.

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