Creatively Nostalgic About Rhinos.

Wildlife has always featured in my life. I have a special place in my heart for rhinos as do many South Africans because they are such amazing animals which are being consistently wiped out due to poaching.

Dusty Rhino. Spare Large Pic - Copy
Dusty Rhino. Oil on canvas.

I grew up next to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, which is 500 meters from my childhood home.  Besides regular visits into the park, my father and I would take a drive at least once a week along the boundary of the park where we would look out for game and birds.

-001 - Copy
Rhino Grazing.  Graphite on paper. 

I enjoy creating rhino art in whatever medium grabs my attention at the time.  Above you will see a rhino I created in mosaic, a large oil painting, and a drawing.  The environment in the art is typical of the bushveld.


Above are the results of a lino cutting I did.  These prints are called ‘Patterned Rhino’; something a little lighthearted.

African Images.small

This collage is created from a number of paintings and is called ‘African Images’.  Of course the mother and baby rhino have center stage.

1. Trio of Rhino.  Oil. 2. Black Rhino.  Oil.

The rhino’s in the first painting are white rhino’s, while a black rhino is featured in the painting on the right.  Their difference is clearly visible by the square and round lips.

The much rarer northern white rhino has very few remaining individuals, with only two confirmed left in 2018 (two females; Fatu, 17 and Najin, 27), both in captivity. Sudan, the world’s last known male northern white rhinoceros, died in Kenya on 19 March 2018.  (

I penned a poem A Rhino’s Tale. which highlights the poaching issue.  If you visit this link can also access further information about the rhino’s.


©Copyright.  Caroline Street.  Rhino Art Images. Original art and prints available.


Animal Exodus.

Painting wildlife? Here are a few tried and trusted tips.

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4 thoughts on “Creatively Nostalgic About Rhinos.

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  1. Beautiful art, Caroline. The plight of African wildlife is heartbreaking. This month’s National Geographic magazine has an article about the African wildlife/human conflict…particularly the use of poison in killing them. So sad.


  2. Thank you for this, Caroline. Your art work is amazing….but your life in Africa is, well, I just cannot even find the words. I love the rhino, and my heart breaks with every death. They are magnificent creatures that deserve much more than they are receiving….as do all of those who are in rapid extermination by humans.

    Liked by 1 person

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