A trip down memory lane. My art, age 12.

I have an old cupboard that is stuffed full of art that I have done over years.  Needless to say it is a cupboard that is hardly ever opened.  I decided it was time to tackle the job of sorting and tiding the cupboard and came across the art I did when I was twelve years old.

These drawings took me on a trip down memory lane.  At 12, I used to get a weekly girls magazine with the most delightful drawings on the front covers.  Faces full of character and happiness. (This mag was the highlight of my week!).  I was so in awe of this art, that I tried to recreate the pics.  I drew and drew and drew!  Now this was practice for me, nothing else.  I am not sure of the time sequence of the drawings, but I can see improvement as some images are better than others.

I  would eagerly ask my father, who was an advanced artist for help.  He never minced his words, he would tell me in no uncertain terms what was wrong and where I needed to improve.  There was no sugarcoating.  I was left feeling inadequate time and again, but I just continued to draw.

This was the beginning of my art journey and all these years later, here I am still drawing and painting, and not just faces, but nature, still-life, wildlife etc.  In retrospect the comments from my parent certainly improved my art as his words were always ringing in my ears…”try harder”, “do it again”, “keep on trying”, “it is not right”, “it is not easy, just keep on practicing”, “watch your angles”, “you have placed it wrong”, and so on.

To all young artists out there, do not give up on your dreams of being an artist some day, just keep on practicing, it can only improve and always remember, there are no short cuts, just honest, hard work.

Never give up on something you really want.  It is difficult to wait, but worse to regret. 

Beneath are a few more drawings I did at the age of 14 or 15.  I am not sure.  But there is an improvement in the drawings.

Calling all artists! Post a piece of your earliest art in the comments.  Lets all enjoy it!


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  1. It is amazing you still have your early art – mine is long gone, except of a doodle I sent in a letter to my sister when I was about 10, which she recently gave back to me. Fun to look back!


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