What frogs get up to after dark.

No sooner is spring sprung and so are the frogs!  They usually croak at night from 10.00: pm until 2.00:am.  Yes, you have guessed it, there is not much sleep to be had.  At first I used to collect them in a bucket and put them over the wall, hoping they would head on over to the vlei (stream) behind my house, but no, these guys are fussy, they want a swimming pool, full of clean, filtered water, so my efforts were in vain and they would just return the pool.  They are very determined!

Over the years I have actually learnt to fall asleep to their croaking and mating calls.  It is a little like trying to sleep on a train.  You actually concentrate on the shunting noise (how could one not) and after a while it lulls you to sleep – well, the croaking of the frogs is the same. (For me anyhow).

Although the croaking stops at about 2:am, the mating goes on until  9:am (at which point I grab my camera) when the whole process is good and done and the eggs are produced.  I must add that the male frog is resolute in continuing the species, so much so that occasionally the female dies in the mating process  from sheer exhaustion, crushing and drowning.  Once the strings of eggs are produced the frogs  leave the pool and find a cool spot in the garden to recover, only to return at night and then the croaking starts all over again.  The  poem I penned sums up the whole event.  Believe me the sequence of the croaks is correct, I have listened to it hundreds of times!


Quaak … quaak … quaak …

Quaak … quaak … quaak …

Quaak … quaak … quaak …

Repeat 30 – 50 X

SILENCE.   (A mate has appeared on the scene)

QUAAAK…quaaak …

QUAAAK…quaaak …


Repeat 100 X


The End.  (Seriously,  (smiling….)  it is what it is, and that is how the frogs croak it!  



“Come come! Come Out!
From bogs old frogs command the dark
and look…the stars” 
― KikakuJapanese Haiku


©Caroline Street.  Frog Photography & A Frog’s Tale. 

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