Do you want your old Teddy Bear painted –  you know, that old teddy you have stashed away in storage, covered in wrapping and moth balls, hoping he does not fall apart?  The chances are your old bear will probably fall apart, so why not capture your bear on canvas? Just send me a good photo of your bear, and don’t forget to pose him well, with his head up.  I suggest you cut out clutter in your photograph so that the full focus is on your beloved bear.  Tell me what your favorite colour is and I can add that to the background.  You can have your bear painted in small, medium and large sizes, and I suggest a square canvas, rather than a portrait or landscape format.

Teddy Bear lovers, please note that I do not just paint portraits of old bears, but new bears as well . Teddy Bear portraits make great gifts for tiny tots and bear collectors.

Remember, there is just one artist painting your bear, so the art is special and there are no machines involved.  You might have to go onto a waiting list, so place your orders early!  Depending on the size and availability of your canvas choice, it could take a week to complete the painting. The art ships all over the world, and payment is done through PayPal.  Unfortunately prices can only be given once size is agreed upon.

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