The Quintessential Woman; Celebrating women with art and poetry.

[This blog contains 12 art works of women.]

As it is Woman’s Month here in South Africa, I thought I would share some poetry and art of women that I have painted.  I think the poem, ‘The Quintessential Woman’, expresses my feelings for woman in a lighthearted, but also in a significant way.  It is a poem celebrating women. The art featured here is women in different poses, relaxing, working and enjoying life.  Ladies we are special and unique creatures and we need to enjoy being just that!


From the birth of Eve,

Woman has been second to man.

She is not significant in physical strength,

But relevant in matters of the mind.

No stone is unturned in her spiritual quest,

Through which her zest

And love of life is expressed.


The quintessential woman is astute,

Intelligent and wise, after all,

She is in the business of moulding lives.

She’s capable of delivering the best,

From a five-star meal to a well-balanced child.


Her integrity and strength are inborn;

A teacher, protector, and comforter

To her sons and daughters.

A supporter, lover, and companion

To her significant other,

And a willing aide and confidant

To her associates and friends.


Gifted with a sixth sense,

She is always in the know

When to wipe a tear,

Offer a hug or lend an ear.

Nothing is too much for her to mend;

A broken relationship, a grazed knee,

A torn pair of jeans.


She offers the inevitable cup of tea

And with that Mona Lisa smile,

Instinctively knows the appropriate words to choose

When counselling those with the blues,

Calming the disruptive or settling disputes.


She builds up and never tears down;

A constructive thinker

Without a destructive thought.

Gossip she finds distasteful,

It makes her frown.

The quintessential woman does not

Partake in trivial mental games;

Fairness is her middle name.


With finances, she takes care,

Only purchasing what is necessary.

Saving a bit here, and paying what’s due there;

A little extra cash she sets aside for charity;

The orphans, the aged or animal welfare.


Never a procrastinator,

This woman accomplishes the visions

To which her life is assigned.

An exceptional organiser;

Armed with a phone and iPad,

She’ll organise a peace rally or charity day,

Just as efficiently as she would children

At the annual school play!

She can landscape a garden,

And decorate a room –

Is proficient at changing a tyre

And flying to the moon!


Women are the teachers of the generations;

The peace negotiators of the world

And are deserving of dignity, love and respect.

They have proved their worth

And always produce the best! ❤


Gemini. Small. - Copy
‘Expectant’.  Oil on canvas. “To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”
– Anne Christian Buchanan
Mother and Child Small
Mother and Child.  Graphite on paper. A baby fills that space in your heart that you never knew was empty. Anon. 

The Sunbathers - Small

The Sunbathers.  Mixed media on paper.  Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay like an octopus on your face. Anon.

Woman Combing Her Hair after Degas.Small
Woman Combing Her Hair (after Degas). Pastel on Paper. “I’ll be ready in five minutes, stop calling me every half hour.”  Anon. 
Moody Blue.Small
Moody Blue. Oil on canvas.   Mystic blue / You are soulful, true / Even to your hues/ You know the rue/ On this I chew/ Yes blue, you wooed/ While the soul brewed/ You are faithful to you/ This is your portion/Your glue.  – C.Street.  
Girl with the Orange Scarf.Small
The Girl with the Orange Scarf.  Oil on canvas. I cannot save the poor woman of the world, but I can capture them on canvas. 

The Street Vendor in the Blue Dress.Small

The Street Vendor. Oil on canvas.  Never complain, someone out there will switch places with you in a second.

Art on my Mind.Large - Copy
Art on my mind.  Pen on paper.  The many facets of women.
Socialising Small
Socializing. Mother and Son.  Our children, if we allow them, will keep us youthful. 
The Spaces Inbetween Small - Copy - Copy - Copy
The Spaces In-between.  Oil on canvas.  Always remain grounded and true to yourself.
Waiting - Copy
Waiting.  Watercolor on paper.  Youth and wisdom do not go hand in hand, but aging and wisdom does.  If I can have the wisdom, I will age happily.  

Copyright ©Caroline Street. 1) ‘The Quintessential Woman’;  2)Art Gallery of Women.

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  1. Caroline, these are the amazing art works of women. And they are so distinguished from each. They all have a different mood! I enjoyed tremendously to look at them, to pause and feel.
    You are the Artist artist!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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