Okay, so I am feeling spring silly!

Like I said, I am feeling ‘Spring Silly’.  I know I am not the only one, it affects the best of us!  I love spring. I could jump and shout, and go on and on about this crazy season, but I won’t! BUT I did do some crazy stuff with my spring photographs.  Just for a laugh!

Amaryllis Lily. This pic needed a few extra flowers.
An ant sunning himself on the Impala Lily.
On the forest floor a beautiful Apostle Iris hides from the frogs. Croak!
Ah, these Cotyledons have grown sunflowers! This got the pair wondering…
Romance! Come on, spring is all about romance, just like this cute bunny couple.
Hungry caterpillars! Well there is lots to eat. The Heliconia has delicious soft leaves.
I added a few extra blooms to an already beautiful Frangipani.
My personal favorite, a pair of Red Hot Pokers looking very pleased with themselves! Cute!
I promise you bird
Something to think about. It is true, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Okay, so I am feeling spring silly!

  1. Caroline, these art works are so beautiful, so sunny, so full of life! I am enjoying looking at them and I am smiling for no reason. Beautiful!!!


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