Okay, so I am feeling spring silly!

Like I said, I am feeling ‘Spring Silly’.  I know I am not the only one, it affects the best of us!  I love spring…I could jump and shout and go on and on and on about this crazy season, but I won’t (I bet some are saying, ‘thank goodness for that’. BUT, I did do some crazy stuff with my spring photographs.  Just for a laugh – just to try and prettify the flowers, but I know that is not possible.  Still I tried.

Amaryllis Lily. This pic needed a few extra flowers. Done!
Begonia’s enjoying a few drops of rain.
On the forest floor a beautiful apostle iris hides from the frogs. Croak, croak!!!
Ah, these cotyledons have grown sunflowers! This got the pair wondering…
A beautiful hibiscus photograph remade into a pencil drawing. Ah, the wonders of editing never cease to amaze. I still prefer the original photograph though.
Romance. Come on, spring is all about romance, just like this cute bunny couple.
A circle of hearts for a gracious flower.
I added a few extra blooms to an already beautiful frangipani.
My personal favorite, a pair of red hot pokers looking very pleased with themselves! Cute!
I promise you bird
Something to think about. It is true, I promise.

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4 thoughts on “Okay, so I am feeling spring silly!

  1. Caroline, these art works are so beautiful, so sunny, so full of life! I am enjoying looking at them and I am smiling for no reason. Beautiful!!!


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