The art of tea and tasting.

I love tea and coffee, coffee in the mornings, the rest of the day it is tea, no wonder I painted a couple of cups of tea and (just one coffee).  Maybe I should be eating more apples than drinking tea, I guess this went through my mind as I painted, but then the flowers make it all alright, don’t they?  Mm-mm.


Tea tasters taste as many as a thousand brews a day!!  What!  That is an amazing stat, but it cannot be good for the old bladder.  You would think these tasters would hate tea after so much tasting, but they claim to prefer tea to other drinks!  Tea tasting is similar to wine tasting, the brew is not swallowed, but merely taken into the mouth for a few seconds and then it is ejected.  This method enables better judgment as to flavor and quality.  Can you imagine doing this all day!

Tea Tasters


Apples and Lilies Small- Copy
Peace Lilies and Apples. (Those apples again and note the tea cup)!

©Copyright.  Caroline Street.  Art. 1) Teacups and Apples, 2) Peace Lilies and Apples.

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8 thoughts on “The art of tea and tasting.

  1. Delightful paintings! And so beautifully colorful! Caroline, you always brighten my day with your paintings.
    That was very interesting to learn about tea testers.

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  2. Love the paintings! I love tea though I use to love coffee. I didn’t know that tea tasting was like wine tasting. Thank you for sharing that information.


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