A Picture Poem about Forrest and Celeste, the Thick-Billed Weavers.

Over the years I have taken photos of the thick-billed weavers building their nests, and I thought the best way to make use of the photographs was to create a video with words and music.  I hope you enjoy!  Don’ forget to turn the sound on!


  1. The thick-billed weaver differs from other weavers; it has no yellow in its plumage; the eggs are pink and not white or blue; it does not molt during the first year of its life; the nest-building technique is unique.
  2. Blood protein tests have proved that the thick-billed weaver is a true weaver.
  3. Their favorite fruit is from the white stink-wood tree.
  4. Their powerful jaws enable them to open stony fruits.  They love sunflower seeds and often steal seeds from aviaries.
  5. They nest in reed-beds.  Nest-building does not begin until the reeds are strong as these form the support for the nest.
  6. Finely shredded leaves from the Typha bulrushes are used to construct a nest.
  7. Once the nest is approved by the female, the male closes the entrance so that his mate can just squeeze through.
  8. Usually three eggs are laid.
  9. Insects, small water snails, berries, and seeds are fed to the young.
  10. Fledglings remain with the mother, eventually forming family parties.
  11. Abandoned nests are used by mice and other birds.  Other young weavers often use the nest to practice weaving!  

Ref:  The Complete Book of South African Birds.

Copyright © Caroline Street.  Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.   


11 thoughts on “A Picture Poem about Forrest and Celeste, the Thick-Billed Weavers.

    1. Thank you Lynn. I wish I had pics of that too but the reed bed
      where I took the pics is not safe to get that close. It is deep and no doubt has a lot of snakes and other creatures, I.e mongoose, porcupine etc. I did not want to use someone else’s pics. The 2nd last image is a pic of a fledgling. He was shouting for his mom to feed him when I took that pic.

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