Still-Life Digital Art

This post contains 6 still-life art images. Total time spent on all the images – 22 hours; strokes made, 13,521. 

I am persevering and continuing to practice my digital art.  As I mentioned before, I am a traditional artist, so this art is something new for me.  I love doing digital art, and am slowly discovering the good and the bad, (like deleting something I worked hours on, by accident!)  of this art.  It is a whole new branch on my tree of art.  Just a different medium really.  

Midnight Rose
Apples with Purple Jug

I started traditional art by painting still-life, as I discovered it was the best way to learn art, and I have transferred that lesson to digital art.

White Roses in Teal Vase

I try to keep digital art ‘real’,  and would be able to recreate each creation onto canvas using good old brush and paint.  I do all my own drawings and I do not make use of photographs, unless they are my own traditional paintings.  I did this in the art beneath.  The guinea fowl at the back of the scones is a painting I did in acrylic paint, which I transferred into the digital art.  I thought it made quite an interesting back-drop.  

Tea and Scones with Cherries

I enjoyed creating the drawings above and beneath, because of the ‘cake’ theme.  This is the first time I have used cupcakes and scones in my art. These are nice pics for kitchens.  

Tulips and Cupcakes

Copyright. © Caroline Street.  Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.

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