Minutes After Birth!

This video was taken in the Kruger National Park. When I arrived on the scene the impala had just given birth, and the little one was lying in the dead bush. The ground was hot to the touch as it was 45 degrees celsius, and the impalas were gathered under the meager shade of a dry tree.

It was fascinating to watch the little buck raise itself to its feet with a nudge and lick from its mother. If the mom could talk, she would be saying, “hurry little one, get to your feet, and the sooner the better as you are a target for predators”.

The drought in the park was worrying at this time. I have heard it said that impala delay giving birth until the rains come. This ensures good food for their young. This mother must have instinctively known it was going to rain, which it did a week later!

Impala Gathering.  Oils.

Copyright  © Caroline Street. Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Minutes After Birth!

  1. Caroline, you created fantastic paintings. They are so tender and full of love. And the video you made is unique! The baby is so fragile but stood on his feet immediately after he was born. Amazing! You were so fortunate to be there.

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