If at first you don’t see her, look again!

[This blog contains 5 engaging images.] I just happened to see this female African Migrant (Catopsilia florella) butterfly in flight. If I was not in this fortunate position I would never have seen her settle in the Snow Queen Hibiscus in my garden, as the shrub has many white leaves and this offers perfect camouflage for a charming lime-white colored butterfly.

In the above pic I moved closer to the butterfly to get a better shot, but the height of the shrub and the white leaves were making it difficult, and I was in a hurry as the butterfly could have flown away at any given moment.

I finally grabbed a chair to stand on to get the best possible shot, and luckily the butterfly remained in one spot. The pic above was the best I could get.

To my delight after searching through my butterfly images I found a photo of the male African Emigrant butterfly which I took months ago in the Mpumalanga Botanical Gardens.

I searched the internet and found this sensational pic on Wikipedia of the mating pair. Note the beautiful matching colors. What a handsome couple!

The Catopsilia florella (lovely name!), is found in Africa and the Canary Islands. From South Africa, the adults migrate from summer to autumn in a north-easterly direction.

The larvae feed on the coffee weed, monkey pod tree, senna tree, apple blossom and the golden rain tree.

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