Birds of Kruger National Park. 2019

(This post contains 28 images.) For many a trip to the Kruger Park is about the mammals, and yes, so it should be, I love them too! But for me the excitement is about the birds, because they could appear anywhere, even on the loneliest, dullest drive. It is like a treasure hunt – and all of a sudden there is a bird; on the tallest tree or deep in the bush on a branch, watching like a sentinel; sometimes I find them just walking on the ground. I often see birds of prey eating something. Without a doubt one can always see birds at the watering holes.

I am not always successful in photographing them. Getting the best vantage point from the confines of a vehicle (with a roof) can be difficult. Sometimes they are just too far away for my little camera, but all these difficulties also add to the challenge of getting a surprisingly good shot.

Beneath is my gallery of the birds of Kruger. I do not have a favorite bird, I love them all! The most useful bird (for me anyway), in the park is the vulture – the cleaners, but I will leave this for another day – another post.

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4 thoughts on “Birds of Kruger National Park. 2019

  1. Caroline, these are the amazing photos of fantastic birds. Some I could recognized, some I saw for the first time in my life. And a Barn Owl stole my heart 🙂

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    1. Thank you Kaya. The Barn Owl is very sweet. This particular owl had two other companions, which have since disappeared. He sits there on his own now. He has a peculiar, one might say injury in the chest. I hope he survives.


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