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[This post contains 4 images.] I was given a Moleskine sketchbook as a gift and needless to say, I was thrilled as I find sketchbook art fascinating. It opens up endless possibilities and the art is spontaneous. Even errors (within reason) can be overlooked.

The page size of the book is only 13cm x 21cm! This posed a challenge as I am comfortable painting on big canvasses. The second problem; I enjoy painting more than sketching, but to make this book interesting some painting would be necessary, and it would have to be done in watercolour. The third problem is the paper weight is only 165gsm. This weight is not up to standard for watercolour. So as you can see I had some personal issues, however, I am not one to turn down an art challenge. I would give this my best shot!

I needed a theme for my little book. I love gardening and its wildlife, and so my Garden Sketchbook was born! I have started something that I will have to finish, as I try not to procrastinate and hate anything that is not complete.

Fiddle Leaf Fig. A plant I rescued from near death, but as you can see it has revived and is growing well.
Heliconia. This plant has been in my garden for many years, but has only made a decent show in the last two years, to my absolute surprise!
Peace Lily.
Impala Lily.

After completing four paintings/sketches, I have come to the conclusion that sketchbook art is worth the effort. It just takes imagination to decorate the pages, but unique ideas are necessary to create an interesting book. I still have another 47 illustrations to do! Flow inspiration, flow! So, I have made a start! The rest I hope, will be easier, with improvements as I progress. Each little painting is a mini-lesson for the next.

Copyright © Caroline Street. Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Garden Sketchbook

  1. Beautiful “mini” paintings, Caroline! The Fig tree and Heliconia reminded me of Hawaii. Our visit to a botanical garden there was fascinating!

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    1. Thank you Lynn. Mini’s they are. The Fiddle Fig is all the rage right now- no wonder, beautiful fat, shiny leaves. A very generous tree. I still prefer them in forests though, other than pots. The Heliconia is fascinating. I’ve had them for years in my garden, (planted by the previous owner), and as they were just leaves, I never took much notice, other than the fresh green colour, until the flowers started to grow! Well I was thrilled and now they are spreading fast. This makes me happy!

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