Aqua Daisy. Cross-Hatching Drawing

I experiment quite a bit with art and thought I’d give cross-hatching a try. It is something I am familiar with, having practiced it a lot when I did a drawing course years ago, however, I never kept up with it.

I started with a simple pen drawing, keeping it neat and tidy as pen errors cannot be erased.

A slow, relaxing process, but despite the hundreds of tiny strokes, it went quicker than I thought.

Flower detail. Excuse the shadow. 🤭

I needed some color in the drawing. Usually a sketch artist would stay true to the monochrome, but I love color, and made up my mind to color at least one daisy. But what color should this daisy be? Funny how the mind works. While drawing this the temperature outside was 41 degrees! I got to thinking about how fantastic it would be to have a swim in the ocean to cool down. All that cool, wet, blue, refreshing water! BLUE! SEA-BLUE! AQUA! And so aqua it was. I dug around in my pen box and came up with an aqua pen, called aqua blue, and so the daisy got its colour. The leafy frame around the flowers I painted with watercolor.

Aqua Daisy. Final result.

The ocean and the daisy both refresh; the one the body and the other the soul. – Caroline Street

Copyright © Caroline Street. Art, Poetry and Photography. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Aqua Daisy. Cross-Hatching Drawing

  1. Caroline, this is an amazing technique, cross hatching drawing. What I also like very much that you explained the whole process in a few steps. There are a lot of tiny strokes in your beautiful painting that is complicated. Very inspiring! Perhaps, some day I will try this technique. Just for fun.

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