May my soul be like a flower.

"May my soul be like a flower; beautiful, yet humble; unique, timeous, bold and perfect. May it colour lives unselfishly, and bring joy to others, even if just for a moment. May it flourish in the 'light' and never wilt in shifting shadows, or die in darkness. May it continuously look up to the heavens in thankfulness, knowing from whence its blessings come. May those who partake of it, never forget it existed."
C. Street.
Floral Mandala Designs

“Sometimes I am so grateful, I can hardly breathe.”

Copyright 2020. Caroline Street Art, Poetry, Photography . All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on “May my soul be like a flower.

  1. vibrant and full of pure expression releasing a positive energy that ripples into my inner world and out again, where it will be received and travel onward! Nicely done!

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  2. Stunning post, Caroline! Your art and words are truly uplifting in a time we really need our spirits raised. Thanks for sharing!

    (did you mean “hardly breathe”? with an “e”?)

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