Daisy! In pics and words.


Daes eage quietly unfurls its rays at dawn.
Peace and elation, it brings to all.
Even in distress, it makes one smile,
No wonder! Its fame is far and wide.
Found in every jubilant colour, but blue.
Symbolic of joy, not moods.
It is spread far and wide across all terrains,
From cold mountains to desert plains.
It has graced May Day crowns and joyful dance.
Even the grieving of an infant’s death!
When as the legend goes, God sprinkled flowers
Around the mourner’s homestead.   
Almost a sunflower, but not.
A cousin? Yes. An afterthought? Not!
Gerbera, bellis, shasta, oxeye?
Better known as the beloved daisy diversified.
~Caroline Street. 

Copyright © Caroline Street. Art/Poetry/Photography. All rights reserved.

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