Creation Celebration.

Creation Celebration. Oil. H510mm x W610mm

I have painted the six days of creation, and in so doing I developed a love for jungle themes. I love the colours, plants and animals. Painting a jungle scene can be quite daunting for me, as I never know at what point in the canvas to start. I am not an artist who plans my canvas, I just start painting and eventually everything slots in. It is like building a puzzle.


Although this scene is colourful and happy – as I would love the world to be, I do paint animals with a heavy heart, knowing that the art is not truthful -not anymore. Wildlife, as I write this, is being slaughtered, poached, hunted and eaten to extinction, sold on black markets, chained, beaten and teased for entertainment and tourism, and kept in cages until old age and death claims them. I wonder what our Creator thinks of all this! We will be judged for our deeds one day. Nothing gets past the eye of God.

A new day.  New art. 
A little bit of fantasy, but also not.
Abundant wildlife, shrub, and flower
Saturated in colour, creations power!
Portrayed within this scene,
Is nature, fascinating and serene.
A coming time of peace.
Life, as it is, is everything but this!
But the future whispered in my ear
Saying, “All will be light and pure.
There will be nothing to fear.
Within the walls of heaven
A scene like this will exist -
Perfect, undefiled creation.”
~Caroline Street. 


The Bible teaches that we are not to abuse or punish animals in a cruel way. God has created them, and while mankind is given dominion over the animals, we are not to treat them cruelly. ~ Dr. Billy Graham.

Ultimately, it is up to us as individuals to protect and speak out about the destruction of our fauna and flora!

Copyright © Caroline Street. Art/Poetry/Photography. All rights reserved.

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