Snow Queens.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Snow Queen’

Arrayed in their finest corolla, snow queens
gape from the height of the chaotic shrub.
A few, inquisitive, spruced-up debutantes
peep through dense variegated leaves,

surveying the garden’s display and wildlife: 
what’s buzzing around or crawling on the ground.  
Others twist and twirl in all directions, 
perhaps to satisfy some mysterious yearnings.  

I espy a shy hibiscus hiding in the verdure. 
How can I ignore such a charmer?  
Did it suppose it would not be discovered there! 
I pluck it, knowing that a fresh bloom will replace it elsewhere. 

(’Snow Queen’, is a red hibiscus shrub with variegated green and white leaves, hence, its name.)

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis has many medicinal uses in Chinese herbology and it is used in India for hair-care purposes. They are making shampoos and extracts from the leaves and flowers for hair coloring, anti dandruff and preventing hair loss. ~ Dave’s Garden.

Copyright © Caroline Street. Art/Poetry/Photography. All rights reserved.

14 thoughts on “Snow Queens.

  1. Oh my goodness, Caroline, your pictures rocked my world. These hibiscuses are drop dead gorgeous! And your poem, wow on that as well! I absolutely just loved this post! Thank you so much for shining light into this world!! Bless you! xo

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  2. They are such beautiful flowers. When I hear about how to use various plants for different health purposes I always think to myself, “I have got to try that!” I don’t try everything. I don’t think I would have enough hours in the day.

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    1. Thank you Stine Writing and welcome! I am convinced there is a cure to be found in nature for every ailment and disease on earth, but you are right, there are not enough hours in the day to try it all. I am fortunate though, I am able to buy all sorts of natural creams, ointments, tinctures etc., from a very talented woman who lives very close to me. I am so impressed with these natural products that I no longer buy the popular products on the market.

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      1. We have a Co-op market that sells local goods and all natural products. That is where I get most of my lotions. They seem to cost even more than the high marketed stuff but it is worth it when you can see your skin looking healthy,

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    1. Wonderful. Picking a flower or leaf, and of course, trimming a stem, etc encourages growth and new buds, but I do still feel guilty plucking a flower. I feel like I am shortening its life. But that emotional stuff is silly, I know. 🙃

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      1. I am sure you would. My sister has a rose garden and a home filled with vases of roses. Too beautiful. I have a garden of exotic type shrubs mostly – not many flowers to be found, but the colours of the shrubs make up for the lack of flowers.

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  3. Snow Queens… I saw these flowers often but never thought about their interesting name that I learned today.
    I love the photos of these beautiful flowers and a poem. Beautiful, so beautiful Caroline!!!

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