The Secret Life of Peafowl.

Can you eat a Peafowl?

In Medieval times the birds were prepared by roasting and then the feathers were arranged on and around the roast. This made it appear as if the fowl was still alive! Here’s the presentation instructions from Medieval times;

“wynde the skyn
wit the fethurs and the taile abought
the body, And serue him forthe as he
were a-live”

The birds may have looked beautiful, but they reportedly tasted terrible. “It was tough and coarse, and was criticized by physicians for being difficult to digest and for generating bad humors,” writes Melitta Weiss Adamson in her book Food in Medieval Times.

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2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Peafowl.

  1. What an amazing and exotic bird! I saw it only once in a zoo. I believe that a beige bird is a female but not sure.
    The male is truly majestic! Wonderful moments and photographs!

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    1. Thank you very much Kaya. The white and blue peafowl have male and female. Here is an explanation of the white.
      ” Thanks to selective breeding, it’s common for captive peafowl to buck the iridescent trend for all white feathers. This is called leucism, and it’s due to a genetic mutation that causes loss of pigmentation. These peafowl are often mistaken for being albino, but instead of having red eyes, animals with leucism retain their normal eye color.” 😊


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