New Still-Life Art

[This post contains 7 images. The first image is titled Summer Flowers. Time to create 3h55m.] Of late I have not been able to paint on canvas due to ill-health. In fact I have an unfinished canvas that has been waiting to be completed for over a month, however, I am able to do some digital drawing as I can draw with the iPad on my lap, without standing or sitting in a hard chair.

Bright Red Apples. Time to create 2h53m.
Little White Tulips. Time to create 3h10m.

These still-life’s are just straightforward drawings. There is no layering and no photographs were used. I just swopped canvas for digital screen. I have added the hours spent on each project.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow. Time to create 3h25m.

One thing I love about digital art is the crazy colours! Each and every colour and shade under the sun is available.

Gerber’s Daisies. Time to create 14h56m.

The above pic is a more realistic drawing of flowers, i.e. less of a design which I am inclined to do more of.

Birds in the Poppies. Time to create 2h50m.

I love designing cute birds, with wow colours!

Jazzy Vase with Pink Flowers. Time to create 4h1m.

I am crazy about flower vases! The more unique and peculiar the better. One of the reasons I love still-life, is I get to design my own vases for the other love of my life, and that is flowers!

I work purely out of the need to create. I love all conventional mediums, but in the absence of these, honest digital drawing does me just fine! It’s the concept that matters; what I want to achieve – to provoke. To grow as an artist, I want to be able to say, I accomplished it all, or at least I tried. ~ Caroline Street.

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