Sunflowers and Stars.

I recently went on a car trip and took my trusted box of felt tip pens and a small drawing pad. I enjoy drawing on the road as some of the linework goes skew or wavy depending on the surface of the road and how the car responds. The result is usually an odd an unpredictable piece of art.

Sunflowers and Stars. Pen on 200gsm paper. W210 x H297mm

Splendiferous Sunflower,

Your radiance always prompts a smile,

A wow! an ahh! a sigh!

A place is found on a polished counter

Where you will be admired for a while,

That is, until your splendour withers and dies.

Whilst there is yet still time,

Shine sunflower, shine.

Excerpt from Shine Sunflower, Shine.

Copyright © Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography

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