The Best Memories Are Handmade.

No matter what anyone thinks about Christmas, it is a good time of the year. Besides the deep Christian meaning of Christmas, once the trees are lit and decorated the season radiates a warm, wonderful feeling. Add to this the gathering of families for the holidays, and the exciting hustle and bustle leading up to that one day of merry celebration which will be enjoyed with delicious foods, treats, gifts and cards.

These memorable cards were given to each family member by Nicole this Christmas. My special card was the pink bird. This will definitely go into my memory box.

This brings me to the purpose of this post.  The cards!  Cards are special no matter the occasion, especially when hand made with care and love. Long after the celebratory treats and gifts have been utilised and forgotten, the cards remain. The recipient will save that one special card (probably in a decorated box stored at the top of a cupboard).  One day that card will be retrieved from the memory box and reread, and wonderful memories will come flooding back.

Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography. Christmas Card Art by Nicole Street.

6 thoughts on “The Best Memories Are Handmade.

  1. Such lovely cards and I totally agree with you about the value of gifting people with cards. It’s so easy today to just send family and friends electronic images but the physical card has much more meaning. It can be touched, put away and brought out again for a special day of remembering times past.

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    1. Thank you Emanuel. Yes,I agree. I have received electronic cards, but over the years they all got lost in the system. My daughter always makes cards and I love them.


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