God’s Kitchen on Canvas.

(This post contains 9 images.)I enjoy still-life art, usually the type with food and crockery painted in oils. However, this series of still-life focuses on the details of the food. There are nine small canvasses painted in acrylic. When all nine are hung neatly together they look great in a kitchen or dining area, even printed as pillows for a kitchen nook.


I am not a fan of acrylic paint, but I do try to use all mediums. The most challenging issue of all the paintings was getting the light just right for the particular textures.


I like the idea of the carrots lying in the soil, just plucked from the earth!


The layers and textures of the onion skin took time to accomplish. I love the earthy colours in this painting.


I feel that the avocado is the most successful of all the vegetable art. I was satisfied with the outcome of the thick, green skin.


The swiss chard has taken on an abstract look here. The red veins contrast well with the greens.

A wide range of Prints are available.

Throw Pillow
Tote Bag

Copyright © Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography.  ‘God’s Kitchen’ Canvasses 1 – 9. 

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