The Heroic Poppy.

[This post contains 4 images] I have painted a variety of flowers but never poppies. Quite frankly I have never seen a real poppy, other than the commemorative paper poppy. They do not grow naturally in my part of the world in South Africa, nor have I seen them in nurseries.

I have always admired the beauty of the poppy, and am intrigued that such a soft, delicate, flower has wreaked havoc and death in peoples lives by the opium produced from the seeds. The flower is also a symbol of remembrance of 20 million deaths in the first world war.

Nevertheless, their beauty won me over and I painted poppies. They are difficult to paint with all those soft, floppy petals. Not one flower seems to be quite the same as another.


During World War One, the poppies disappeared because of the trampling and bombing of the battlefields. The destruction actually stopped them from growing for four full seasons. After the war was over the poppy began to bloom again. According to reports this historical growth was spectacular, with 2,500 poppy seeds per square foot found! ~Frankie Flowers.

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