Lino Printing. A Kingfisher.

I have yet to see a Kingfisher in my garden eat a single morsel of food, but they love to sit on a branch of the custard apple tree and plunge headfirst into the pool. As the pool has no fish, perhaps a tiny bug or two catches their eye. I am inclined to think they are just bathing.  Afterward, they sit for at least ten minutes on the branch beautifying themselves.

Lino printing is a unique and exciting art form. I seldom do lino printing but I enjoy the process. The prints are exciting, because one never quite knows what results will be achieved. This is because of the movement of the ink, the type of paper used, and how much pressure is applied while printing.

The cutting. It is important to get this right. Once the cut is made, it cannot be reversed.
First Print.
Second Print.
Third Print.

Any number of prints can be made and using quality inks and paper will yield good results. Coloured paper and inks add interest however, my personal favorite is black ink on white paper.

Once you have completed a print, you could always do more cutting and in so doing create a different image.

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7 thoughts on “Lino Printing. A Kingfisher.

  1. Beautiful, Caroline. Seeing this post brought me back to high school art class when I learned how to do this kind of print. I made an image of my tabby cat and Christmas cards of the Holy Family entering Bethlehem. Haven’t thought of that in years!

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    1. Thank you Eliza! I taught myself how to do lino. I love it. Not one print is the same. Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and do lino for a week. Then I pack it all away. Your cards you made must have been really nice. In those days we used proper ship lino. Today the lino is made from a type of vinyl. Easier to work, but not as effective as the old lino.

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