Refurbished old items in the spirit of reuse/recycle.

[This post contains 9 images.] Over the years I have collected garden paraphernalia, but eventually the weather takes it toll on everything; things get broken and colors fade. It is at this point these items usually get discarded. Well, I decided, not this time!

I grabbed soapy water, a wire brush, sandpaper, the dremel tool and paint and got to refurbishing the items.

The first pic in this post is a cute colorless frog given new life. The blue section behind the frog can hold water. A kind of mini pond. I think the birds will like this, however the frog might scare them off!

A broken bird feeder. I smoothed the broken edges with the dremel tool, sandpapered the rest and painted it. It is a hit with the birds, they love it!

A caterpillar made from a very thick metal spring. It was fairly rusted. I used a wire brush and sandpaper and painted it bright orange.

The birdbath. This is still fairly new, but the dull grey color got to me, so I painted it a cheerful yellow and added some painted stones.

A couple of old garden chairs inherited from the in-laws. These chairs are about 60 years old and still in good condition. A lick of paint and they look as good as new. (In case you are wondering, the dog in the pic is Coco.)

This strange but cute bird was a dull terracotta. The design on the bird had long since faded. I never took a before pic, but nevertheless this is the new design I gave it. Oh,la,la!

An old rusted stand which required a good cleaning. I used an anti-rust paint which is an interesting green with a gleam! I currently use this to store fruit.

While searching the house and garden for items to refurbish, I uncovered a number of frogs. A collection which I never realized I had until I gathered them all. Here we have the good, bad and ugly of frogs, but some are quite unique, all made by different artists.

Finally I just have this to say…

Copyright © Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography.

8 thoughts on “Refurbished old items in the spirit of reuse/recycle.

  1. Caroline, you are so creative. I fell in love with a cute and strange bird with a yellow head and the green rounded eyes. I like the design you gave it. Beautiful!

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  2. Thank you Caroline. This is a great post. I appreciate how you have rescued all these items and given them new life. What a turnaround. Also love the choice of colors. Blessings

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