Celebrating Earth Day with Orchids.

[This post contains 15 Images] I visited a delightful orchid farm called Afri Orchids last weekend. As there are thousands of orchids on the farm, I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to see more flowers. It was then that I had to remind myself that it is autumn and not spring! Nevertheless, the flowers I found made the visit worthwhile, and besides, the coffee, pies, and toasties were delicious to eat in surroundings decorated with some of the best orchids. I purchased a few orchids and cannot wait for them to bloom! I am looking forward to visiting the farm in spring.

Illustrious orchid, harbinger of spring, 

Your spectacular beauty sings!

A tonic to my eyes, a spiritual lift

Is your communication to me.

~ C.Street

Excerpt from ‘The Illustrious Orchid’.

Here are some of the best pics I took. Enjoy!

Copyright ©️ Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Earth Day with Orchids.

  1. Oh, how lovely! Thank you very much for sharing this beauty! It seems like you had a wonderful time. I believe that the flowers are one-of-a-kind; the rustic spots and the burgundy ones especially stuck out to me.

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  2. So beautiful! Sounds like a beautiful experience and that you got to enjoy food and coffee surrounded by orchids. I agree the flowers are unique, the rustic spots and the burgundy ones stood out to me. Thank you for the share!

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