Striped Apples, Vases, and a Purple Fork

Still-life art is never mundane. It offers interesting aspects and character because of the varying, personal objects portrayed in the art. Any object can be added to a still-life painting, and the artist will usually include items that mean something to them, and so the art becomes their story.

When I study a still-life painting, I see the artist in his personal space. For instance, when I look at the wonderful still-life art that Paul Cézanne (1839-1906), the father of modern art created, my thoughts take a walk through his home.
I see the table where he had his breakfast. Did his wife starch the white cloth covering the table? He must have loved crockery and ornaments as he paints them with affection. Did he have a peach or an orange tree in his country garden where he picked the warm fruit which he lovingly arranged? Did he have a bottle of wine with his dinner? It must have been a good French dry red. He must have lived in a quaint cottage with comfortable furniture and interesting objet d'art. I see him sitting in his flower garden on a sunny day in one of the wooden chairs he painted, smoking a pipe and thinking about the arrangement of his next masterpiece.


There are three vases in this painting depicted as an outline only, i.e., lacking the three dimensional aspect. This adds an element of surprise as these vases are completely different to the other ones.

The contemporary apples have unusual stripes; a step away from the ordinary green or red apple. The flowers are imaginary and whatever you think they might be, they are!

I love the shapes of objects! Three dimensional shapes are the building blocks of all art.

I could not decide on a title for this art. I have painted over 100 still-life paintings with similar themes, however, I often find it difficult remembering all the titles, so I add a key word to help me remember the name of the art. The key word here being ‘purple fork’.

Still-life art is a glimpse into the personal living spaces of the artist. ~ Caroline Street. 

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