The Plain of Sharon

My new project is to paint the seven places of spiritual abundance, (this is the first), and to pen a verse about each painting as I feel God has spoken to me. I love that this has been revealed to me!

In the Old Testament God made all of his blessing available to His people, so they in turn could bless the surrounding nations and all who saw how they lived would know there was a true and living God. There were seven places where the abundance of heaven flowed down to the earth. The seven spiritual places are still active in the spiritual realm. Prayer and confession can begin to release the spirit of abundance that inhabited these places into your life. ~ John Eckhardt.

(The first spiritual place of abundance.) 

Behold the fecundity of the Plain of Sharon, 
spread out peacefully next to the Mediterranean. 
Watch the joyful lambs run and leap, 
while rams and ewes graze in pastures deep. 

Seeds spring up from fertile soil,
herbage is flourishing everywhere. 
“The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, 
without painful toil for it.” *      

The roses of Sharon bob jubilantly; 
daubs of red embellishing the scene.
As fruitful as this land is, the same is 
God’s will for the redeemed. 

The spiritual abundance of Sharon
is unlocked by faith and prayer. 
The gifts are freely given, 
but sharing with others is key.  

And it is well to remember the words God spoke
to Abraham in “Genesis”, the twelfth verse: 
“I will bless you” and “you shall be a blessing.”
An invocation to all humanity, realized through Christ.

*Proverbs 10.22 NIV

And Sharon shall be a field of flocks, and the valley of Achor a place for the herds to lie down in, for my people that have sought me. Isaiah 65.10.

© Copyright Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography

13 thoughts on “The Plain of Sharon

  1. I love the way some sheep look at the viewer, with a strong and wise gaze. I also appreciate the vivid colors, the greens, yellow, and blues. I love how the whites and grays mirror each other in the the sheep and clouds. The Plane of Sharon looks like a very peaceful place. You did an excellent job with connecting both your painting and poem. Some of my fav lines, “In this realm there is no toil. / Blessings descend when God amends, / In great measure and without end.” 🕊️

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  2. This is one of my favourite paintings of yours (I am partial to sheep). Looking forward to seeing your next six places of spiritual abundance.

    Good to see you also on Twitter!

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