Mount Carmel

Further to my previous post, this post focuses on the 2nd Place of Spiritual Abundance, Mount Carmel.

Carmel is spoken of extensively in the Old Testament. Located in Israel, Carmel is a 39km long, 8km wide mountain range, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea. It’s elevation is 546m. The mountain has many caves and consists of an admixture of limestone and flint.

In ancient times Carmel was covered by rich grazing lands and vineyards. The mountain has had its share of violence and was also a centre for idol worship. God rained down fire on the mountain, and the prophet Elijah at God’s command killed the prophets of Baal in the Kidron valley. You can read the full story in 1 Kings, 18.

Besides the negative aspects, the mountain is a spiritual place because it is remembered for its beauty and excellence. A place where the Lord displayed his glory and splendour. Carmel in scripture is spoken of as complete, full, and perfect, and this in the spiritual sense can be applied in the search for Truth.

As I did in my previous post on The Plain of Sharon, here too have I done a painting of the 2nd Place of Spiritual Abundance, i.e., Carmel (a section of the mountain), and penned a poem as I see it in the spiritual sense.

MOUNT CARMEL. (2nd Place of Spiritual Abundance)	

Karem EL of ancient times, 
The splendid and fertile garden of God. 
Rich in beauty and fruitful vines, 
Here, the excellency of God was to be found.   

O soul, be perfected and thrive like Carmel.  
May your burning sands become a river.   
Let springs of water flow into places long since barren, 
To bud into fullness like the roses of Sharon. 

Slay the soul’s thief with the sword, 
Just as Elijah, in faith and with Power
Slew the prophets of Baal
At Carmel, the Holy Mountain of God. 

The winter of the soul has departed in a huff,   
And spring has appeared like a great flight of doves!  
Its fragrance and joy evinced in each fresh sprig 
Of myrtle, the olive, the grape, and the fig. 

~ Caroline Street.

Let the beauty and fruitfulness of Carmel be upon my life.

~ Isaiah 35.2.

© Copyright Caroline Street Art/Poetry/Photography

11 thoughts on “Mount Carmel

    1. Thank you very much. It is a gift that I am trying to use more, always with God’s guidance. I still have 5 more paintings and poems to do in this series,
      and it is challenging me for sure. I hope to write and paint more spiritually meaningful stuff in the future. I appreciate your encouragement more than you know. I must be getting it right.😊

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      1. You’re very welcome! For sure! It’d be wonderful to see this series in person in an exhibit. Sounds like a challenge! May God continue to guide you with your paintings and poems. Cheering you on in your creative process😊!

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